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professional manufacture moulds and injection production,printing and packaging:
Plastic cutlery knives and forks and food packaging box, production,printing and packaging including: plastic knife and fork, dishes, food packaging box, lunch box, the preservation boxes, food boxes, plastic ice cream holder,etc.Injection production,printing and packaging the whole process service.


 Plastic folder and stationery gift production,printing and packaging including: office folder, special-shaped folder, file, file gift boxes, gift packaging, note boxes, packaging marker, drawing board and packaging, teaching AIDS, pen boxes,etc.Injection production,printing and packaging the whole process service.

Daily necessities package box production,printing and packaging including: swab box, toothpick box, cosmetics boxes, glasses boxes, gift boxes, tool boxes, tool box, underwear box, and other daily necessities packing box, ect.Injection production,printing and packaging the whole process service.
Plastic calendar box and calendar production,printing and packagingincluding: a small calendar box, CD calendar box, 5.5inch calendar box, 7.5inch calendar box, A5 calendar box, big calendar box, a special calendar box, calendar card packaging, gift packaging,etc.




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