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Dried Meat Box

Dried Meat Box

Category Description :

Our company has professional production equipment and technical personnel,with complete,scientific quality management system,also have environmental dustfree production workshop which is accredited with National food grade certification.

Specialized in manufacturing plastic food packaging box,such as dried meat box,not packaging box,beef jerky box,candy box,biscuit box,food packaging box,plastic storage box,chocolate box,haw slices box etc.

Providing  One-stop service of mold making,injection production and printing package.

Dried Meat Box
  • Introduction: 65mm food packaging box,Size:95x95x65mm,used for various dried meat box,candy box,calcium ...

  • Introduction: 50mm food packaging box,Size:¢139x50mm,used for used for various dried meat box,candy box,...

  • Introduction: 70mm food packaging box,Size:148x80x70mm,used for meat jerky box,snacks box,beef jerky box...

  • Introduction: 58mm food packaging box,Size:107x107x58mm,used for dried meat box,pork jerky box,snacks bo...

  • Introduction: 58mm food packaging box,Size:108x108x58mm,used for dried meat box,pork jerky box,snacks bo...




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