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Candy boxes,biscuit boxes

Candy boxes,biscuit boxes

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professional production equipment, through the national food grade certification of environmental protection dust-free production workshop, professional mass-produced candy boxes, biscuit boxes, ice cream boxes, food storage boxes, food boxes, chocolate box, snack boxes, Popsicle, moon cake box, jelly boxes, plastic boxes, packaging, packaging products, such as food packaging.
Candy boxes,biscuit boxes
  • Introduction: 70mm food packing box, size: 145 x75x70mm, chocolate packaging, candy packaging, cake pack...

  • Introduction: 220mm food packing box, size220 x105x 30 mm, suitable for packing candy, biscuit packaging...

  • Introduction: 140mm food packing box,size:95 x 95 x 140 mm, suitable for packing candy, biscuit packagin...

  • Introduction: 115 mm candy packing box, size:95 x 95 x 115 mm, suitable for packing candy, biscuit packa...

  • Introduction: 100mm biscuit packing box, size:100 x 100 x 100 mm, suitable for packing candy, biscuit pa...




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